Travel Photography Final Portfolio

If possible, go "somewhere" outside of San Diego (away from your home town), safely. Use the same "Shot List" as the Santa Fe Depot assignment. -

Due to new covid restrictions, doing my best to keep everyone as safe as possible, and my own comfort levels, I decided to photograph my new found love in La mesa. Originally I had plans to travel to several places in efforts of this assignment but covid sure does put a damper on things.

I have always loved hiking- and have really enjoyed hiking all the Mission Trails. These trails have really helped during this time. So after thinking about this assignment I thought it would be fun and a challenge to go on several hikes for this assignment. The real challenge is, I hate landscapes... well I don't hate it! I have a very hard time with nature and landscapes when it comes to photography! So I wanted to take this as an opportunity to grow!

  1. Panoramic crop- This panorama was taken at around 6:15 am and is composed of three images. I really enjoy the color captured in this photo! If I could redo this particular picture, I would stand back a few more feet to avoid how much cropping happened at the bottom!

2. People / Environmental Portrait- One day as I was hiking climbers loop trail, and I woke up just early enough to watch some rock climbers! Of course I asked permission to photograph them, and it was fun learning and watching the repel.

3. (Depot ) Mission Trails environment- This next image might be my favorite of all of them! Time and time again I was trying to capture an image that captured all the color and nature involved in these trails! This image was captured just by The Old Mission Dam about 3 miles from the main visitors center!

4. Macro- I always enjoy macro photography so this was a fun one for me ! Flowers are always my preferred subject for macro.

5. Worm's-eye view- One of the main reason I thought of this stretch of mountains for this assignment was the crazy rock formations. It was a challenge for me to capture these rocks due to the details, depth, and brightness of the sky. Over time I think I will attempt these shots again! I laid down on the ground looking up for these shots

6. Shoot Horizontal & Vertical images- These two images were shot around 6am, to get these shots I left my shutter open anywhere from 5- 10 seconds! I wanted to see how much information I could bring in with it still being super dark outside.

7. Square composition- I will be returning to this area soon! By this dam, are so many cool bridges and I wanted to take more time enjoying them! I originally planned on making motion blur with this area but the photos weren't turning out as well as I wanted- but I still wanted to photograph it while I was there!

8. Silhouette- These fall/ winter sunrises are the best! I have purposely been waking up and starting hikes around 4-5am just so I can photograph and enjoy all the vibrance.

9. Details -Time after time I hiked past several piles of perfectly stacked rocks which always made me smile, figured it was a good detail! This was captured on the trail to Cowles Mountain Trail

10. Selfie- After hiking one day it was time for the dreaded "selfie" + I suck at photographing motion blur as well so I thought this was a good time to mess around with both!

12. birds eye view- When I first thought about shooting birds eye view, I had so many ideas, but lack equipment. Most images I found with birds eye view were shot with a drone - so for me the next best thing was climbing to the top of a hill and looking down on the view.

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