about liberty shaub

If you didn't know by now, my name is Liberty Shaub. I am a young photographer from Tehachapi, California and currently living in San Diego for school. I attend San Diego City College and I am majoring in photography. Even though I am currently living in San Diego, I am ready to tackle all of southern California for you. Matter of fact... I am ready to tackle the whole world for you with my camera. I have been doing photography since I was 8, crazy I know, when my father gave me his Sony DSLR. Something given to me turned into my passion very quickly. I have been seriously working on my business since I was 14, and it continues to grow everyday. I love capturing emotions and hope that we can work together to capture what you love.

Meet my better half, Tad Dill!! He is always more than ready to pick up a camera and tag along to get those extra shots! He is a total natural at photography! He is currently in the U.S Navy and is a hard working mechanic 

Intrested in a second shooter?

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