Brown and Maroon Realistic Color Inspira

About Me

If you didn't know by now, my name is Liberty Shaub. I am a photographer and creative from Tehachapi, California and currently living in San Diego for school. I attend San Diego City College and I am majoring in photography. Even though I am currently living in San Diego, I am ready to tackle all of southern California for you. Matter of fact... I am ready to tackle the whole world for you with my camera. I have been doing photography since I was 8, crazy I know, when my father gave me his Sony DSLR. Something given to me turned into my passion very quickly. I have been seriously working on my business since I was 14, and it continues to grow everyday. I love capturing emotions and hope that we can work together to capture what you love.

Brown and Maroon Realistic Color Inspira

My better half

Pink and Peach Polaroid Feminine Film In

Meet my better half, Tad Dill!! He is always more than ready to pick up a camera and tag along to get those extra shots! He is a total natural at photography! He is currently in the U.S Navy and is a hard working mechanic !

We are currently engaged so we totally understand your excitement when it comes to your big day! 

Photos by Lindsay Renee Photo

Photos by Beck Star Imagery