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Truxton and Riley are some of sweetest high school sweet hearts I have ever met. The love birds met at Tehachapi High school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. Soon as a relationship grew they finally went on a date to Tehachapi's Coffee Mill in March of 2019, also where Truxton made a romantic proposal in July of 2021.

I have personally known both Riley and Truxton for many years and admire them both in so many ways. I couldn't think of a more perfect pairing if I tried. They both set such an amazingly high standard of how to treat others in the most kind ways. Their love for the Lord shows so strongly in their relationship and it makes me proud and so blessed to know both of them. Capturing their love on their big day had me crying several times... just from reading Rileys vows while she was getting ready, to the laughs they shared on stage during their ceremony, and everything in-between. The day was just so perfect I am lost for words. Truxton and Riley Tied the knot at Christian Life Assembly on April 9th.

So it begins....

The Family

Riley and her dad have such a unique and sweet bond that fills my heart with joy. With all the chaos and feelings a wedding can bring, Riley took time to drive from her house to the church alone with her dad. She expressed to me how important it was to have those moments with her father and his car before she got married. So besides that just making me cry... of course we had to take photos to remember it!

Bridal Portraits

Drum roll please.......... MR AND MRS KINGSBURY

Ummm someone tell these two to start modeling because I mean come on

the party

Let them eat cake

the dancing

Well I have probably said enough already... but congrats to some of my favorite love birds. I look up to both of you so much and I wanted to thank you for being such amazing supporters of me, I don't know what I would do without couples like you. I absolutely can't wait to see both of you grow ! Much love

XOXO Liberty Shaub Photography


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